Business dialogue: TPS Reports

Business dialogue: TPS Reports


KevinHey have you gotten a chance to pull together the TPS reports yet?
Dorothy: No I havent heard back from Jim. I dont think he has gotten all the data from the clients yet.
Kevin: Do you need me to reach out to him for you? I could lean on him a bit.
Dorothy: No it’s okay. I’ll ping him later today.
Kevin: Are you still planning on presenting this on Tuesday’s stand-up?
Dorothy: Yeah if I can get it done by then, that would be ideal.
Kevin: Okay I’m happy to sign off on it once I get a chance to review.
Dorothy: Thanks Kevin. Just one more thing: Can you follow up with Susan regarding her analytics. I really need that piece to wrap up the report.
Kevin: That will be tough. Susan’s out on maternity leave, starting yesterday.
Dorothy: Oh, I didn’t know. That’s all right. I’ll pull a late-night tonight and knock it out myself.

Expressions used in the conversation

  • pull together
  • heard back from …
  • reach out to 
  • lean on him
  • ping him
  • stand-up
  • get it done
  • sign off on it
  • wrap up
  • that would be tough
  • maternity leave
  • that’s all right
  • late-night
  • knock it out

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