Checking in at Hotel

In this lesson you will learn how to check in at the front desk when you arrive at your hotel. Read the following dialogue out loud with the Cambly tutor:

Receptionist: Do you have a reservation with us?
You: Yes, we have a reservation under (your last name).
Receptionist: Excellent. How long will you be staying with us?
You: Only for one night. Is it too early to check in now?
Receptionist: I’m afraid you can’t check in until 3:00 pm.
You: That’s okay. Can we leave the luggage here?
Receptionist: Sure, we can keep them for you. Do you know the license plate number of your vehicle?
You: It’s 123456, black Camry.
Receptionist: Perfect.Your room number is 501, and I’ll give you two keys. Complimentary breakfast is serve in the lobby between 8am and 10am. Enjoy the stay here.

Exercise: Do a quick role play with the tutor.

Expressions to practice:

  • Have reservation with (hotel/restaurant)
  • Reservation under (last name)
  • I’m afraid ….
  • Keep something for someone
  • Complimentary breakfast

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