Getting A Cab from the Airport

Getting A Cab from the Airport

Taxis in different cities in the US have different rules. Make sure to do some research on the different rules applied to your trip. Taking Uber or Lyft would be another option. Read the following dialogue out loud with the tutor.


Cab driver: Where are you headed to?
You: Please take me to the Time Square.
CD: Do you have a preferred route?
You: Not so much. Whichever is the quickest. Approximately how much would it cost to get there?
CD: From JFK to any location in Manhattan is $52 flat fee plus tolls.
You: I see. Do you accept credit cards?
CD: Unfortunately the card reader is giving me trouble for some reason. Do you have any cash?
You: Do you have change for $100?
CD: In fact, I do.
CD: Do you mind if I drop you off before the light?
You: Can you pull over as you turn the corner?
CD: Sure, no problem.

Exercise: Do a quick role play with the tutor.

Expressions to practice:

  • Take someone to somewhere
  • Have a preferred route
  • How much would it cost
  • flat fee plus tolls
  • Have change for~
  • Drop someone off
  • Pull over somewhere

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