“What would you do in your first 90 days in this position?”

“What would you do in your first 90 days in this position?”

Write up your answer to the question above (a paragraph or two), and share it with your Cambly tutor to refine your answer.

Tips on how to answer…

  • Don’t be too ambitious; be realistic
  • Acknowledge that you’ll need to take time to get to know the team
  • Your answers should still get into specifics to a reasonable extent
  • Demonstrate that you can set goals and solve problems on your own

Sample Answer:
“Besides getting to know the team and the company, I want to conduct some user study by interviewing our current users. This will be an opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the product as well as to build strong relationships with the clients. At the same time, I will build a database of potential clients, starting with the companies that I had worked with previously. I expect the two studies will set me on a solid ground to effectively sell the product.”

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