[EnglishinKorean] Ten in Ten: At a Cafe

Here are the list of useful expressions you can use at a cafe. Go over each expression with your tutor.

Can I have a ~ ?  / Can I get a ~ ? / May I have a ~ ?
I’d like a ~  / One ~ please.

How may I help you? / What can I get you?  / What will you be having?

I need a little more time / I’m still deciding / I still haven’t decided / I’m still thinking.
You go ahead. I still need a little more time.

I’ll go with the ~ / I think I’ll go with the ~
I’ll have what he’s having.
I’ll have one of those too.
Let me get one of those too.

What would you recommend? / What are your most popular drinks?
What are some of your bestsellers? / What are your specialties?

Have you been helped? / Are you guys together?
Is he/she in your party?

That’ll do it / Will that do it for you?  / Would like a pastry with that?

I’d like that to go, please. / Could you wrap that up for me?
Can I get that to go?  / Could you warm that up for me?

Can you make that (extra) ~ for me?
extra strong  / extra hot / extra mild / extra spicy
Can you make that with low fat milk? Skinny latte
Can I have an extra shot in that please?

Do you guys give free refills? / Can I get a refill? / Can I get a refill on this?
I’ll go with my usual.

This isn’t what I ordered / I think you got my order wrong.
Oh, I thought it would be bigger/sweeter/stronger.

Q: Here’s a pastry and coffee menu. Do a role play with your tutor, then switch the role. Pay attention to the pronunciation.




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