[EnglishinKorean] Ten in Ten: In School

Here are the list of some useful expressions you can use to talk about your school experience. Go over each expression and try to make a sentence using them. Use the questions (in blue) below as a guide to practice these expressions.

I was a ~ student.
I was a good student / I was a terrible student.
I was a rebellious student / He was a very unruly student.

Q: What kind of student were you when you were in highschool? In college?

What did you get on the ~ ?
What did you get on your presentation? / What did you get on the TOEFL?

Q: What did you get on the recent English test that you took?

I got ~ on my report card.
I got straight A’s this semester. I aced the test.

I dropped ~
I dropped chemistry / I dropped that class / I shouldn’t have dropped that class.

Q: Have you ever dropped a class in college? Why or why not?

I flunked ~
I flunked calculus / I flunked AP Chemistry.

Q: Have you ever flunked a class?

I took ~ off from college.
I’m thinking about taking this semester off.
I’d like to take a few semesters off.

Q: Have you ever taken some time off in college? What did you do?

I’m majoring in ~
I’m majoring in Chinese literature.
What did you major in?

Q: What was your major? What kind of advice would you give to highschool students who want to pursue the same major?

When is the ~ due?
When is the report due?

He got in trouble for ~
He got in trouble for cheating.

Q: Have you ever got in trouble for something in school? 

I went to ~
I went to Harvard.
What school did you go to?
Where do you go?

Q: Which school did you go to? Would you have your son/daughter go to the same school? Why or why not?


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